2013 NBA Draft Preview

With the 2013 NBA Draft just two days away, the Cleveland Cavaliers have one very big decision to make: what to do with the first overall pick. Should they choose a center from this year’s player pool, the most likely options are either Nerlens Noel from Kentucky or Alex Len from Maryland. Victor Oladipo from Indiana and Otto Porter from Georgetown are the next best players if the Cavs do not pick a center. If Cleveland does pick one of these four, Alex Len would be my best guess because of his tremendous size and potential. They are in need of a center and also already selected a point guard in Kyrie Irving with the first pick in the draft two years ago. Should the Cavaliers decide to trade away their first overall selection away, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Oklahoma City Thunder are the most recent teams to show interest, and hold the 9th and 12th picks, respectively. Although, the possibilities are endless when it comes to draft-day trades.Outside the first pick, the next five teams to select will be Orlando, Washington, Charlotte, Phoenix, and New Orleans. As for players, Anthony Bennett is the top power forward in the draft and is projected to go somewhere in the top ten. Other top point guards include the small but very athletic Trey Burke from Michigan, C.J. McCollum from Lehigh, and Michael Carter-Williams out of Syracuse. Cody Zeller, a seven-foot power forward from Indiana, presents an impressive combo of speed and size to the table, as does Kelly Olynyk from Gonzaga. Some of the top international prospects in the draft include guard Sergey Karasev from Russia, seven-footer Lucas Nogueira from Brazil, Giannis Antetokounmpo from Greece, and the speedy and talented Dennis Schroeder from Germany. All four are projected to be first round picks.
All in all, the 2013 NBA Draft has some seemingly unforgettable talent that has already impressed NBA scouts, coaches, and fans across the country. Interestingly enough, it has already drawn comparisons to the 2003 version, ten years ago. And whether it goes down as one of the top drafts in league history or proves to be one of the more ineffective ones, the 2013 NBA Draft seems to be one we will be talking about in years to come.
— Greenhouse Sports

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