James, Phelps, and Peterson among those awarded at 2013 ESPY Awards

Mid-July may seem like a dead time of the year for sports fans, but it was last night that we got to reminisce on some of the most unforgettable moments and players of the year in a collaboration known as the 20th annual ESPY Awards. After leading the Miami Heat to their second consecutive NBA Title, LeBron James took the award of ‘Best Male Athlete’. James also won the titles of ‘Best Championship Performance’ and ‘Best NBA Player’, making him the most decorated at the 2013 ESPY’s. The NBA’s Miami Heat also were recognized as ‘Best Team,’ over nominees such as Alabama Football and the USA Womens’ Gymnastics Olympic team. Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Heat and the Spurs won ‘Best Game, and the Best play of the past year proved to be Jadaveon Clowney’s monster hit in the Outback Bowl between South Carolina and Michigan.

Seven-year-old Jack Hoffman earned the title of ‘Best Moment’ after his run in the 2013 Nebraska Football Spring Game. Hoffman was the given the award on Wednesday night after completing his final chemotherapy treatment for brain cancer in June.

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps took home ‘Best Record-Breaking Performance’ and ‘Best Male US Olympic Athlete,’ and fellow swimmer Missy Franklin was applauded for ‘Best Female US Olympic Athlete.’

Several NFL players were given trophies, including Colin Kaepernick for ‘Best Breakthrough Athlete’ and Adrian Peterson for ‘Best Comeback’ and ‘Best NFL Player.’

Golfer Tiger Woods also took home the ESPY on Wednesday night for ‘Best Male Golfer,’ marking the seventh time he took home the award.

On the college spectrum, Texas A&M’s Heisman-trophy winner Johnny Manziel and Baylor’s Brittney Griner were recognized as the best College Athletes of the year, and both were no surprise to college sports fanatics.

Speaking of surprises, College Basketball’s Florida Gulf Coast Eagles were given the ESPY for ‘Best Upset,’ specifically for their win versus the two-seeded Georgetown Hoyas in the NCAA Tournament. However, the Eagles’ thrilling run during the entire month of March was quite spectacular.

— Greenhouse Sports

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