Will Logan Thomas bounce back in 2013?

Logan Thomas is an enigma.

Ruling the field with an extraordinary rocket arm and 6-6/260 frame in one moment and playing like the freshman on the varsity football team the next, the redshirt senior quarterback from Virginia Tech will be looking to find a streak of consistency in 2013, something Thomas was not able to do all last year. As he enters his third year at the helm for the Hokies, we all know the Lynchburg native by now, by one label or another. Some know him by the quarterback that led V-Tech to an 11-1 regular season and a BCS berth as a sophomore, all the while shattering school records on offense two years straight. And while all of that is true, most know him now as the inaccurate quarterback out of Blacksburg who couldn’t throw a ball into the Grand Canyon while standing on the edge.

But you see, this is just how interesting a player the senior QB is to watch. And excuse me from using a Forrest Gump reference here, but Logan Thomas is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

Movie references aside, here’s to hoping his senior year in Blacksburg will be better than his 2012 campaign. According to first-year offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler, Thomas has dramatically improved over the offseason, and Coach Frank Beamer and the rest of the VT staff are staying optimistic.

There is a side of the situation that will be tough for LT3 to overcome, however, and it all starts August 31 when the Hokies will battle the two-time defending national champions Alabama. Although depending on the outcome of the game and how well Thomas plays, it will be vital for him to maintain confidence as the team will also face ACC-Coastal foes Georgia Tech, North Carolina, and Miami later in the year.

Logan Thomas’ goals for his senior year? Throw less picks. And while it is more a guarantee than a goal, at the 2013 ACC Media Days Thomas said, “I am not going to have 16 interceptions again, I can promise you that.” According to Thomas, a more aggressive offense is also in the making for the Hokies in 2013. Body positioning in the pocket is another area the 2014 draft prospect will need to work on, and about that he commented, “I would step too far left and the ball would dive into the dirt or go high.”

Scot Loeffler has also set some attainable goals for his quarterback this offfseason, and recently he revealed them: “Fewer than five interceptions and a 62% completion rate.” If met, these goals would Thomas’ 2013 year his best yet, as he has thrown ten or more picks both years at V-Tech, and has about a 55% completion rate altogether.

So the answer to the question? Yes, he will bounce back and find relative success in 2013. And while he might not ever live up to the tremendous hype he experienced as a sophomore, Logan Thomas will thrive under Scot Loeffler and lead the Hokies to the postseason.

Finally, as an avid Virginia Tech fan, here’s to hoping that Logan Thomas is able to ride the fanbase and his new coordinators into his best season yet in Blacksburg. And as always, let’s go Hokies!


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